30 Days Of Gratitude – Day 20 – Stuff Fundies and Christian Culture Like(s)

It’s important to be able to laugh.  A sense of humor is a sign of intelligence.

That being said?  These are two of the funniest sites we’ve seen online.

Okay, they are funny and sad.  Because within the face-palming humor lies a system based on rules and regulations that can’t seem to think outside the box.

It’s super helpful for people who’ve been spiritually abused to hit sites like these and take a different look on what they once believed to be the gospel truth.

A lot of what is touted as the gospel isn’t.

As a disclaimer, we don’t agree with everything on these sites, but, to be fair, it’s difficult for us to agree on where to have lunch, let alone what we believe.

First, Stuff Fundies Like.

It’s a site that champions the head-shaking strangeness that comes mostly from the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement.  Go peruse some of their videos.  Pee first.  If you don’t?  Well, we warned you.

Second, Stuff Christian Culture Likes.   As good as the aforementioned, this site focuses on the culture ghetto that has become American evangelicalism.

And they do a great podcast called The Grapes Of Rad.

The reason we like this site is because it highlights the ‘sameness’ of churches who are out there marketing a message on a grand scale.  You know, to be relevant.  And edgy.  Because the gospel has gotten stale and boring, apparently.  People need something radical.  Or whatever.

Oh, and it’s written by preacher’s kids.

Anyway, both sites are a call to ditch the smoke and mirrors ‘WOW’ factor of Sunday mornings and get back to something different and relational.  That resonates with Team Paradise.  And so?  We’re grateful.

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