30 Days Of Gratitude – Days 12, 13, and 14 – No Longer Quivering

We’re playing catch-up around here in our 30 Days of Gratitude Series.  But this three-fer is worth the wait.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Quiverfull Movement through the reality show “19 Kids and Counting.”  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have inspired a number of ultra-conservative fundamentalists to follow in their footsteps and stop using any form of birth control.  You know?  For God.

Today, Team Paradise honors three different forums who are raising more than just eyebrows at the Duggar family and the Quiverfull movement in general.

They are raising their voices.

No Longer Quivering

Vyckie Garrison publishes ‘No Longer Quivering’ to warn families of the dangers of the Quiverfull Movement and their teachings while helping women escape.

First, meet Vyckie Garrison.  We can’t do better than this bio that we found on her forum, No Longer Quivering:

“For many years Vyckie lived the Quiverfull lifestyle, seeking to have as many ‘blessings’ (babies) as the Lord would allow her. Those pregnancies were against medical advice and she nearly lost her life on several occasions. During those years she did it all (or attempted to), all the proper things that fundamental patriarchy deems a righteous quivering woman should do. She home schooled, had a newsletter supporting the principles of the Quiverfull movement, raised obedient Christian children and submitted to her husband. Until she couldn’t any longer, realizing the damage this type of religious lifestyle can bring about. It took a near tragedy for Vyckie to see her way out.”

We’re glad Vyckie saw her way out.  Check out No Longer Quivering for some heartbreaking and hopeful stories of spiritually abused women who are doing great things.

Through Vyckie’s tireless work, we learned of Quivering Daughters.  Written by Hillary McFarland and edited by Megan Lindsey, Quivering Daughters has grown from a book into a community of people bonding over their common experience of growing up experiencing poverty, hunger, medical and educational neglect, and arranged marriages.  Yes.  In America.

Unlike the Duggars, who allegedly have a pretty sweet income from their TLC show, most Quiverfull families struggle to adequately provide for children when they are mandated to live on one income, refuse any sort of government assistance (including health insurance), and insist that girls live with their fathers until ready to marry.

FreeJinger.org - A Quiver Full of SnarkFinally, I (Andie) was approached by a great forum over at FreeJinger.org to do a Q&A about our film and my thoughts on the Quiverfull movement.  While the folks at FreeJinger (and Jinger is the name of one of the Duggar children, by the way) don’t necessarily see themselves as a place of healing for ex-Quiverfullers, we suspect they do more good than they know.

In many abusive churches and systems, outrage is the first thing to be stifled.  The FreeJingerites aren’t censoring themselves – and they’ve created a virtual community around their anger.  Some have retained faith, some have not – and yet the community seems to live in tolerance.  And that’s pretty amazing.

We’re grateful for Vyckie and No Longer Quivering, for Hillary and Megan and Quivering Daughters, and for all of the snarksters over at FreeJinger.  You make us proud.  Carry on, warriors!

– Andie Redwine (for Team Paradise)

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