30 Days of Gratitude – Days 21 and 22 – Wellspring and Meadowhaven

The Lodge At Wellspring

Here in this season of Thanksgiving, we at Team Paradise are grateful for mental health professionals who work hard to help the hurting.  Many spiritual abuse survivors suffer from PTSD, and often they go undiagnosed for many, many years.

Folks involved in high-demand churches and organizations generally have no idea what it means to take a break.  They’ve never known a retreat.

Fortunately, there are two places in the United States that provide gentle healing for folks who need it.

The Lodge At Wellspring

Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center is a residential treatment center for those who have been abused in relationships, cults, situations of trauma, and by destructive therapeutic alliances resulting in emotional betrayal and/or physical harm.

First, if you’ve seen our DVD, you’ve seen a few of the folks from Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center.  In fact, a full 10% of producers’ profits for Wellspring go directly to a victim’s assistance fund for folks who desperately need the counseling Wellspring has to offer.

For over 25 years, Wellspring has helped hundreds of spiritual abuse survivors with their restful retreat.  The goal of Wellspring’s two week intensive retreat is to truly jump start healing so that clients can take back their lives – or maybe, like Esther in Paradise Recovered – learn what it means to truly live for the first time.

Meadow Haven is a transitional home exclusively for those escaping high control religious groups, cults, and abusive religious communes.

Another amazing place that clients often attend after their time at Wellspring is MeadowHaven.

From their website, MeadowHaven exists to provide a refuge for former members of high control, destructive groups to rest, heal, and grow. By understanding their experience in an abusive environment and acquiring the skills necessary for life outside the group, MeadowHaven helps former members recover their ability to be thriving contributors to society. Healing is fostered in the context of healthy community, relationships with other former members with similar experiences, and a supportive staff who understand the processes of thought reform, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), identity confusion, chronic emotional disturbance, etc.”

Many times, survivors believe that what happened to them just isn’t “that bad.”  That if they worked harder, or if they prayed more, they would be able to get better on their own.  In a high-demand church, you aren’t allowed to be human or have struggles.  PTSD is a treatable condition, and you can get better with the right kind of help.

We’re proud at Paradise Recovered to be able to point survivors in these two directions.  We’re grateful for the people who work so hard to keep Wellspring and MeadowHaven open and thriving.  And we’re committed to sharing our profits with these two fine organizations.

Abused people deserve rest.  And Wellspring and MeadowHaven are places where folks can find peace.

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  1. Lindy CombsLindy Combs11-22-2012

    For 50 years I was steeped in Worldwide Church of God, taught as a child that it was “the only true church” and later as a member of the church, baptized in 1967. I was indoctrinated with the basics that Herbert W Armstrong taught. I still struggle with law-based mentality and just thinking and making personal decisions. Very difficult to function without PTSD triggers and IBS symptoms. I was so messed up that it took 4 abusive marriages for me to get a clue that I MATTER. I went through a total burn-out from all the…well…Andie (forgot her last name…sorry) and I could probably talk for hours from all we have in common in our histories. But I am old enough to be her mom at age 67. 😉

    I have not the money for any fees, am only on Social (in) Security. I have not seen the movie…yet…nor the DVD. I sure do want to see the movie, just do not want to be signed up with iTunes or Netflix.

    Lindy Combs

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