About the Filmmakers

Andie Redwine and Storme Wood at Idyllwild Film Festival

Storme Wood, Director/Producer

Storme Wood loves to tell stories, and he loves having a camera on his shoulder.

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin in Radio, Television, and Film, he has over a decade of experience directing, producing, editing, and shooting on a number of award-winning film and video productions. He is also pretty good with a pen.

From editing initial drafts to editing the rough footage of the film, Storme has been involved with Paradise Recovered since the project’s inception. He also created “Beyond Paradise,” a short documentary for the Paradise Recovered DVD that helps viewers understand spiritual abuse. Paradise Recovered is Storme’s directorial debut which is being distributed by Monarch Entertainment, a subsidiary of Ingram.

Currently, Storme is working on some commercial projects and recently directed a web spot for a national brand. He is currently developing a few new ideas for his next narrative feature.

Besides all things filmmaking, Storme passionately enjoys coffee and beer (though not at the same time), collects old pulpy paperbacks, and talks back to televised news broadcasts and sporting events. He recently took up mountain biking and wonders why he didn’t do it sooner.

Storme lives with his wife, Rachael, their two children, and their dog, parakeet, and crawdad in Oklahoma City.

Andie Redwine, Writer/Producer

A native Hoosier with an Italian heritage, Andie Redwine enjoys telling stories and entertaining good friends around her table.

A graduate of the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities, Andie was on the “how-many-colleges-and-universities-can-you-attend-before-actually-graduating-with-a-degree” track of study, beginning at Earlham College in the philosophy department, stopping off at Indiana University and Saint Louis University and their philosophy departments, and finally graduating with a degree in Christian Ministry from Austin Graduate School of Theology in Austin, Texas.

She wrote and produced the award-winning Paradise Recovered, which is being distributed by Monarch. The film lightheartedly addresses hard questions about faith, tolerance and spiritual abuse in modern culture. She created By The Glass Productions in the hopes of telling more stories that champion the strength of the human spirit while capturing the soul of middle America.

Andie is currently in pre-production on two narrative feature films while producing a number of commercial video projects with other independent filmmakers around the country. And she writes something every day.

Andie and her husband, Ron Becker, pretend to be farmers with their four children and their three dogs in the middle of a hay field near Bloomington, Indiana.

Fun Facts about Paradise Recovered

  • We put the ‘ultra’ in ‘ultra-low budget’, relying on a lot of in-kind support, goodwill, donated items, and stuff from our houses as props.
  • Seventeen Film Festivals. Nine Awards. Not bad for our first time out.
  • Length of shoot: Seventeen days. Oh, and there was a road trip in the middle. From Texas to Indiana.
  • Amount of footage shot: Forty hours.
  • Number of locations: Twenty-three.
  • If you aren’t a film person, you might like to know that the last three fun facts let film people know how completely crazy we are.
  • The camera used was the Holy Grail of Ultra Low-Budget Filmmaking: The RED One.
  • At the beginning of the shoot in Austin, the temperature topped out at 110 degrees. We were a little baked, but the RED took the heat.
  • Most films boast that no animals were harmed during their shoot. We boast that one kitten was saved during the making of Paradise Recovered, thanks to the generosity and heroism of Cinematographer David Blue Garcia and 1st AC Julio Quintana.
  • The profits of Paradise Recovered will help provide mental health services for survivors of religious abuse, as well as assist our team of aspiring and estabilshed filmmakers, musicians, actors, and artists in doing what they do. They make art. Making art takes money. Spreading the wealth around to all who shared in making it?  The right thing to do.
  • We believe in doing the right thing.  We also believe in telling the truth.

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