An Impassioned Plea – Every Queue Counts

Howdy from the hayfield!  Andie Redwine, world’s most unlikely producer here!

First off, I want to thank all of you who have supported and who continue to support Paradise Recovered. It means more to me personally than I can ever say. The festivals, the screenings, the Kickstarters, the Amazon orders, the fans. All of it has been overwhelming and amazingly validating for me as a writer.

Which makes this next statement a humbling one. And I hate sounding like I am running a telethon.

I need some more help.

Netflix needs people to place Paradise Recovered into their DVD queue in order for them to justify a large purchase order. A very large purchase order.

I am proud that we have paid everyone — including our vendors — on this project. I am proud that we have managed to fulfill all of our Kickstarter orders. I am proud that we have delivered a product that surpassed our initial expectations.

This Netflix order would mean that Paradise Recovered would break even nearly immediately. It would also mean that we could start cutting meaningful checks to the filmmakers, musicians, and, of course, Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center.

If you have the DVD option for Netflix – even if you already own Paradise Recovered- please add us to your DVD queue. Please tell your friends to add it to their queue. Please tweet, please like, please share, please e-mail, please help. We’re so very close.

Every queue counts.

Thank you again for helping us help independent filmmakers like Storme Wood make his next feature, for helping us support local musicians, and for ultimately helping spiritual abuse survivors get specialized mental health treatment at a place like Wellspring.

Click.  Boom.  In your queue.  And we’ll be forever grateful.


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  1. gRegorgRegor06-05-2012

    Done and done. Any possibility of it being on instant streaming? Or is that part of the same process?

    • 06-05-2012

      We are now streaming on Amazon, iTunes, Blockbuster, and a number of cable on demand! But the Netflix stuff really helps!! Thanks!

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