We’re not anti-faith.  We’re anti-cruelty. – Storme Wood and Andie Redwine

Top Five Films To See:  Blue Valentine, The Company Men, Paradise Recovered, 127 Hours, and Black Swan. – The Daily Texan (2010 Austin Film Festival)

Paradise Recovered doesn’t try to answer the question of what sort of life is right so much as finding the courage to find out for oneself. – Jenn Brown, slackerwood.com

…Paradise Recovered is an emotionally resonant, intellectually satisfying and amazingly respectful film in which characters to the right and to the left are treated without an ounce of judgment or condescension to be found. – Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

The film never pushes too hard, features appealing performances, and allows its characters to have honest discussions about religion and faith. – Lou Harry, Indiana Business Journal

Paradise Recovered is part cult survivor tale and part romantic comedy; it’s a juxtaposition that makes for a film experience that’s touching but not brutal. – Jenny Elig, The Indianapolis Star

Seldom has a film been constructed around such themes as religion, spiritual abuse and religious tolerance with such intelligence and grace. – Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

@paradiserecvred is one of the best indie films we saw last year. – David Branin and Karen Worden, LA Talk Radio’s Film Courage Interactive

Unlikely romantic comedy about a girl raised in a traditional religious sect that runs into the adventure of her life at the hands of some free thinking friends. Excellent cast and a wonderful exploration of an unusual take on the Romeo and Juliet story. – Rich Martini, The DIY Film Festival, Hollywood, CA

More than anything else, Paradise Recovered turns out to prove that religious and spiritual people can peacefully co-exist with atheists, agnostics and everyone else as long as there is an open and intelligent discourse. In other words, listening and understanding is significantly more important than attempting to convert others to your beliefs. – Don Simpson, SmellsLikeScreenSpirit.com

Instead of a critique of organized religion, Paradise Recovered offers an intelligent and sensitive look at a young woman and her spiritual journey. – Carrie Hoover, NothingButAustin.com

In a sea of clones and clutter, Paradise Recovered really seized my attention. I genuinely cared about the characters and the story, which, honestly, I can’t say about the majority of indies I see, and I see a lot.  Andie Redwine’s smart script packed a huge heart, and the two leads delivered natural and poignant performances. I sincerely hope this little film that could can be seen and appreciated by a wider audience. – Gregor Collins, Actor/Writer/Producer

How often do we see a comedy set in the world of religious fundamentalism? This charming indie film follows Esther, a devout young woman, who lives under the watchful eye of a conservative Christian sect…Filled with light comedic touches and never condescending, Paradise Recovered manages to question the spiritually abusive aspects of Esther’s path without ever attacking her genuine, deeply felt faith. – Talking Pictures Film Festival, Chicago, IL

I am always excited to receive a film submitted to the Heartland Film Festival that has a local connection but rarely do I receive a film of the quality and depth of Paradise Recovered. We were very proud to premiere the film and to help boost the careers of such promising filmmakers as Andie Redwine, Storme Wood and the others who worked on this amazing film. We can’t wait to see what they send us next! – Heartland Film Festival, Indianapolis, IN

Bravo for following your heart and pouring your life into a film that can have a worldwide effect for good.  Your script was realistic and provoking. – Barbara Martin, Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center

Paradise Recovered is a remarkable film, the best in memory, about cult mind control and how people are able to help themselves and others to freedom. It is so well done. Great writing. Great acting. Great directing. Great lighting. Great music. Great editing. Can you tell that I loved it? – Steven Hassan, www.freedomofmind.com

I hope millions of people watch this movie and understand that it is a fictionalized depiction of groups that really exist, with charismatic leaders who claim to speak for God exclusively. – Steven Hassan, www.freedomofmind.com

People should have the freedom to learn and be given the tools to make their own choices. Nobody should have their freedom taken away by someone else who wants to tell them what to think. – Storme Wood, Director

When people get out of these groups they are scared, they feel isolated and alone, but there are a lot of people who have been through very similar experiences. It would be nice to be able to connect some of those dots for them so they know that they are not alone. – Storme Wood, Director

Is our film a drama, a romantic comedy, an activist film, a scrappy indie, or a faith-based movie?  Yes. – Andie Redwine, Writer/Producer

In the end, this film is about freedom. The freedom to have faith, the freedom to not have faith, and the freedom to ask questions. – Andie Redwine, Writer/Producer

Is this what grown-ups on movie sets do all day?  Then I definitely want to grow up. – Alex Becker, Production Assistant (Age 11)

I am always grateful.  I get to do this today. – Andrew Sensenig, Actor

Nothing like having the actors sit by a fire when it’s 100 degrees outside. Gotta love that movie magic. – Storme Wood, Director

It takes just as much effort to make a bad movie as a good one…so we should make a good one. – Julio Quintana, 1st AC and RED Technician

Francis Ford Coppola never ran carpool. – Andie Redwine, Writer/Producer

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