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Abel Becker finds Paradise Recovered at his local Family Video retailer.

People are talking about Paradise Recovered!

“One of the best-written indie dramas of recent vintage, and on a fascinating topic: Religious cults. Heather Wallis (del Rio), member of a quiet fundamentalist sect, goes to work in a health food store where she meets two men: One the son of a preacher and devout skeptic, and the other a college drop-out who finds televangelists to be great entertainment. Filmed partly in Southern Indiana.” — VideoTapeworm.com

“Refreshing and moving. A film that successfully navigates between twin perils: the tendency of independent work to focus on attitude instead of character and story, and the inability of many self-identified Christian films to achieve universally potent drama (a common problem for any genre that strains to please a particular audience).

“A deft script and light-touch direction let the passionate lead performances shine – though nary a cardboard cut-out is to be found either in the writing or the acting. At issue is young Esther’s deep need to live with her faith in hand instead of being suspended in it like an insect in amber, and I’ll remember many moments of her struggle for a long time.

“Isn’t religion supposed to buffer against hardship, uplift us despite ourselves, and keep us in tune with the progression of flesh and blood life? Free will is a gift and a challenge in any faith or philosophical framework. There will be endless debate over its limits, but when organizations stray into mind control, rote recitation, and the negation of all human impulses (except when manipulated by a fallible leader), not even the pure hearted can thrive.”  — Vincent Szopa

“To the credit of both Redwine and Wood, Paradise Recovered calls into account the more spiritually abusive aspects of Esther’s path without ever spiraling into an attack her on genuine, deeply felt faith. It’s a fine balance, and the script, direction and performances all achieve it with magnificent results.”  — TheIndependentCritic.com
You can add Paradise Recovered to your Netflix DVD queue or request it at your local Family Video or other video store.  You can purchase a copy of the film or download a soundtrack at Amazon.com 

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